RUSHAWAY is a 2.5D fast-paced single-player platformer, where your objective is to find the fastest way(s) towards the top of towers you'll be traversing. Explore different paths on each one, and discover the most optimal ones, avoiding or exploiting the different hazards you'll be encountering.

In RUSHAWAY, the world is broken, and one little hero finds himself on a quest to save it. Help Speck travel all throughout Skyworld and find the Light that will restore the world.

Skyworld is divided into various towers connected by an energy highway. At the top of every tower, you will find a connection to this highway. You'll have to travel through it as you find your way towards the highest tower of them all, where the Light is said to reside.

  • Explore more than 50 towers in your quest to find and reach the Light.
  • Locate the lost pieces of a mysterious long-forgotten diary on every tower.
  • Unlock achievements by completing a variety of different challenges.
  • Compete against the leaderboard ghosts of other players.


RUSHAWAY was released on February 23, 2023.


Ninestudios is a small group of Portuguese developers that came together in 2017, with the intent of creating focused, fun and challenging games. Since then, RUSHAWAY has been their main passion project, and is their first full game, of what they expect to be many more games.

Currently, we are a team of three individuals, one of which is a designer, Marco Santos, and two are developers, André Santiago and Hugo Lobo.

We also worked with two composers to create the amazing music you can hear in the game. Check out RUSHAWAY's and their other works:


Right now, the game is only available on Steam, both for Windows and Linux, but we hope to expand to more in the future.